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Contact: Nobuo Sugimoto (nsugimot(at)nies.go.jp), Atsushi Shimizu (shimizua(at)nies.go.jp), Tomoaki Nishizawa (nisizawa(at)nies.go.jp)

AD-Net/GALION Data Center

Data from Asian Dust and Aerosol Lidar Observation Network (AD-Net) are available in graphical indications and NetCDF in near realtime from the link above.

Current attanuated backscatter coefficient THI page

Other Observation Sites
- Lidar Observation at Nagasaki University in Nagasaki (2001-2006)
- Cooperative Observation at Lidar Center, Kyung Hee University in Suwon, Korea (2002-2009)
- Lidar Observation in Amami-Oshima (2002-2005)
- Cooperative Observations are performed in China (Beijing, Lanzhou, Hefei, Shenzhen) in the joint research programs, however, the data are not open.

- SKYNET Data Center

Realtime Forecasting for Distributions of Mineral Dust and Sulfate in East Asia


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- Review of lidar techniques (Japanese) (1995)

- Review of Mie-lidar data analysis methods (Japanese)(2000)

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