Phimai Lidar, Thailand

Location: (102.57E, 15.83N)

Specifications of the NIES/Chula-U Phimai lidar
Wavelength532 nm (Second harmonic of Nd:YAG laser)
Laser power30 mJ
Repetition rate10 Hz
Diameter of telescope 20 cm
Direction of measurementVertical (fixed)
(tilted at 7 deg to avoid direct sun light)
Measurement range0 - 24 km
Range resolution6 m
Temporal resolution15 min (typical)
ParameterBackscattering intensity,
Depolarization ratio
Operation madeAutomated, Continuous
Data transmission thru Internet (or telephone)
Power requirementAC 100 V, 15 A
Size60 cm x 30 cm x 80 cm
Weight<100 kg including packing

Time-height indications of backscattering intensity and depolarization ratio

Recent 5 days (updated at 0730JST, everyday)

NIES/Chula-U SriSamrong Lidar (Oct. 2001--Jan 2005),

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