Lidar observation in Ulsan, Korea

Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST)
Location: (129.19E, 35.58N, 28mASL)
Operation: since February 26, 2015

Archived figures (from February 26, 2015)
Numerical data (contact: cksong at /
Specifications of the NIES lidar
Wavelength (nm)532, 1064
Laser power (mJ)20(532), 20(1064)
Repetition rate (Hz)10
Diameter of telescope (cm)20
DirectionVertical (fixed)
Measurement range (km)0 - 18
Range resolution (m)6
Temporal resolution (min)15 (typical)
ParameterBackscattering intensity(532, 1064)
Depolarization ratio(532)
OperationAutomated, Continuous

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