SKYNET International Organization

SKYNET is organized in seven regional sub-networks, whose representatives are part of the SKYNET International committee (Fig. 1)

The committee is the decision-making body of the network and it is composed of 14 members with Chair Prof. T. Nakajima (JAXA).

Each sub-network works contributes for operating and maintaining the associated instrumentation and for the storage of raw data in each area. Each SKYNET participant belongs to one of the seven sub-networks.

The raw data are transferred from each SKYNET Regional Data Center (SRDC) to the SKYNET International Data Center (SIDC) established at National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES), Japan.

SIDC produces standard products on aerosol optical properties using the standard algorithms approved by the International committee and provides products via web.

Each SRDC produces new research products, using also algorithms regionally developed.

Each sub-Network coordinator works for keeping and expanding the global observation network.

Currently, there are two working groups (WGs);

  1. The calibration WG for discussion of calibration methods
  2. The algorithm WG for discussion of algorithms retrieving various atmospheric parameters such as aerosols, clouds, gases and radiation

SKYNET International Organization

Fig.1 SKYNET International Organization