Lidar Observation at Tsukuba, Nagasaki and Suwon (Realtime)

Updated hourly.
Final update: 1701 JST, Mar 05, 2007
Tsukuba(NIES): 140.12E, 36.05N
Nagasaki: 129.86E, 32.78N
Suwon, KHU: 127.04E, 37.14N

Numerical Data for Realtime Model Comparison (contact for other purposes)

netCDF(binary) and CDL(ascii) files contain the observation results (backscattering intensity, extinction coefficient, categories of scatterers) during recent 48 hours, up to 6 km.
Tsukuba Nagasaki
netCDF (380KB)
CDL (1.2MB) tsukuba.cdl nagasaki.cdl
About netCDF for lidar data.

Quicklook Figures

The netCDF file contains information similar to following figures. Contents of PNG and JPEG are same.
Tsukuba Nagasaki Suwon, KHU
Backscattering Intensity (532nm) png( 44k) jpeg( 245k) png( 8k) jpeg( 58k) png( 21k) jpeg( 126k)
Extinction Coefficient (532nm) png( 23k) jpeg( 203k) png( 7k) jpeg( 54k) png( 29k) jpeg( 268k)
Categories of Scatterers png( 9k) jpeg( 149k) png( 6k) jpeg( 54k) png( 12k) jpeg( 243k)
Notice: Threshold of cloud detection is changed arbitrarily by the maintainer.

cf. Upper atmosphere soundings by rawinsondes at Tateno (close to Tsukuba) displayed by NRL

Comparison with Forecast

RIAM-CFORS (Chemical weather FORecast System) by Research Institute for Applied Mechanics, Kyushu Univ. Japan
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